What is Oinker?

Online chat or instant messaging has become an essential way of communication in recent times. I would imagine that for many of you, it would be almost the primary channel to communicate with other people in your workplaces.

The messages in online chat are always flowing and older messages virtually disappear in terms of the concept of “stock and flow“. What would you do if there are decisions on the current project or seemingly important ideas flowing in your chat timeline? Actually, it happens all the time. You might copy and paste it into your project management system.

Oinker is the most powerful way to take advantage of these kind of opportunities. It looks like a plain chat program on the surface, but it allows you to save the specified messages (called ‘oinks’ in Oinker) on the spot, and more importantly, it allows you to connect the messages in an infinite number of ways to build sophisticated contents. In other words, it works as a bridge between stock and flow.




In an Oinker chatroom, the saved messages and organized contents are instantly shared with the roommates. You are not just chatting with the others but also elaborating ideas and contents collaboratively in real time.

Besides chatting, in terms of ideation, writing in small pieces promotes the output of your thoughts (as you may have experienced if you have ever used Twitter), therefore, Oinker is still useful even if you are chatting to yourself.

2 thoughts on “What is Oinker?

  1. I’m trying this out to outline an essay but am having trouble with the lack of “space.” Multiple nodes are difficult to fit into the small single sheet and not being able shrink these to show only the headlines or having the nodes “snap to fit” means these have to be fiddled with manually as the nodes grow making this tedious and untidy. Is there any way to improve these aspects?


    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      We have recognized the issue and will work on it. As you wrote, the board (or canvas) might be too small to manage some kind of information. To show only the headlines would be a good idea.


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