Changing the Focused Node in Traversal View

The second topic in Zhao Wei’s feedback:

The ctrl+enter SHORTCUT works well enough but new note is added only as a subnote to the topmost visible item in side panel. … Executing the shortcut would drop the note into under the topmost item and not inside the bottommost item as expected. This means had you needed it under the latter or further down the line (eg. 5down), manual drag and drop would be needed.

As explained in this article, you can append an oink directly to the focused node (with orange border) by posting it with the ctrl-key pressed.


However, as Zhao Wei pointed out, the problem is that you can’t use this shortcut when you want to add an oink to one of the subordinate nodes in the traversal view which always has the focused node as the topmost item.

It’s also a problem that there is no way to focus a subordinate node in the traversal view if the node doesn’t appear in the board except for searching the timeline for it.

To solve the problem, I’ve modified the traversal view a little, so that you can put the focus on any of the subordinate nodes:


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