Oinker as a Content Publishing Platform

Public room

Rooms now have the capability to control anonymous access to their content (of the timeline and board).


As in the above screenshot, you can make a room open to public so that anonymous visitors can view the content.

If you check the Public room checkbox, then anonymous visitors (not logged-in to Oinker) can view the board. In addition to that, you can allow logged-in users who are non-members of the room to view the timeline (Public timeline), and optionally post messages to it (Free oink).

So, with this public room feature, you can not only publish your content, but also collect feedback from audience via the room’s timeline.

What kind of content can you create in Oinker?

You can create more dynamic and connected content compared to normal websites. Dynamic means that even anonymous audience can see the things being updated right there in real time. And the connections are what Oinker is all about.

We’ve been working on a sample content (public room) “Unknown Tokyo” to demonstrate the content publishing feature.


Oinker rooms are SEO enabled?

After publishing “Unknown Tokyo”, we were surprised to find that the page was indexed in Google. That means you can search your public rooms with keywords in your oink nodes like:


According to the following article, Googlebot now correctly interprets pages generated with complex JavaScript at browser-side like Oinker rooms.

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